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Lent Reflection Day 11

Day 11

Today’s chapter from Unseen Warfare is so good, and of an appropriate length, that I’ll read the whole thing. In many ways, this chapter sums up what we’ve reflected on thus far this year’s Lenten journey:

In order that you may move your will more easily to this one desire in everything – to please God and to work for his glory alone – remind yourself often that He has granted you many favors in the past and has shown you His love. He has created you out of nothing in His own likeness and image, and has made all other creatures your servants; He has delivered you from your slavery to the devil, sending down not one of the angels but His Only-begotten Son to redeem you, not at the price of corruptible gold and silver, but by His priceless blood and His most painful and degrading death. Having done all this He protects you, every hour and every moment, from your enemies; He fights your battles by His divine grace; in His immaculate Mysteries He prepares the Body and Blood of His beloved Son for your food and protection.

All this is a sign of God’s great favor and love for you; a favor so great that it is inconceivable how the great Lord of hosts could grant such favors to our nothingness and worthlessness. Judge from this what honor and devotion we must offer to the boundless Majesty of Him, Who has done such wonderful things for us. If we cannot help offering thanks, honor, glory and obedience to earthly kings for their favors, how much more, immeasurably more, must we worthless ones offer to the Almighty Lord of hosts, who loves us and bestows upon us favors beyond counting.

But more than all we have just said, keep always in your memory the realization that God’s greatness is in itself worthy of all honor, worship and the wholehearted service acceptable to Him.

Our reflections this year have focused on two things; our worthlessness and God’s grace. Today Unseen Warfare combines the two into one chapter. As we remember our lives in Christ up until now, we note that God has constantly and consistently blessed us. How marvelous His love has been! His grace offers us protection, direction, comfort, and salvation. What more can we ask? And why does He offer all this help to us? Because He loves us, we who are so undeserving of His love. If another person loved us and we continually sinned against that person as we sin against God, the love might very well disappear. But not God’s love. It’s so wonderful that it’s almost inconceivable how the great Lord of hosts could grant such favors to us.

Memory is today’s subject, that we would always remember God’s past graces and love for us. With this on our minds, our Lenten journey becomes a way of joy. As we come to this eleventh day, brothers and sisters, let us embrace this joyous season, and run to the Father like the Prodigal Son. We embrace Him, and enjoy the celebration of our preparation for the resplendent feast of the Resurrection.

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