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Fr. David Smith

For over 30 years, Fr. David has served in the Orthodox Church. He has been the priest of St. Sophia's Greek Orthodox Church in Syracuse, NY for the last decade. 

Fr. David and his lovely wife Presbytera Donna have four children and five grandchildren.

Check out Fr. David's new novel, The Saint Outside the Gate, by clicking on the photo above.

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“Establish yourself in God and then you will be helpful to others.”

St. Seraphim of Serov

"Telling the Story"  is Fr. David's weekly podcast on Ancient Faith Radio that explores different perspectives of the Sunday scripture readings.

Click the button to listen! 

Fr. David's books "Help, I'm Bored in Church" (done) and "Mary Worthy of All Praise" are being published in audio format! Click below for links!
Help I'm Bored on Audible
Help I'm Bored on Amazon
Help I'm Bored on Apple

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